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Tattoo ID Enterprise Labeling SoftwareTattoo ID® Enterprise Labeling Software

If you need to standardize bar code and labeling throughout your enterprise, Tattoo ID Enterprise Labeling is the solution for you. Tattoo ID Enterprise allows you to control corporate label design from a centralized point and print from locations distributed throughout your enterprise.

Centralized label design

Whether you're designing labels for internal use or for your customers, Tattoo ID Enterprise's powerful design tools let you print impressive labels with rich color output, type, bar codes and pictures. Tattoo ID Enterprise supports over thirty bar code symbologies and subsets, including Code 39, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, EAN and Postal bar codes. It also includes 2D bar codes.

Labels can contain fixed or variable information. Dynamic bar codes, text and graphics can come from a wide variety of sources, including your company's databases.

Bar Code Labeling SoftwareEven the most complex labels with the most difficult compliance labeling demands can be created with ease using Tattoo ID Enterprise. Use Tattoo ID Enterprise to produce labels that comply with OSHA, FDA, AIAG, HIBCC and many other requirements. Tattoo ID's integrated features are powerful enough to satisfy even international regulatory compliance requirements.

Distributed label printing

Set up label printing stations throughout your enterprise, and rest assured that all your labels will meet your company's specifications.

Print station labeling can be driven by either label design or database information. Dynamic data can be filled in automatically from your corporate databases or operators can be prompted to enter the appropriate information.

Printing is simple and operators require little or no training to produce professional labels that are in compliance 100% of the time.

Enterprise Labeling: Superior Connectivity

Tattoo ID Enterprise lets you connect with databases created with Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server or Oracle. It also lets you connect with any general OLE or ODBC database provider. It even allows you to include information drawn from a text file. Simply configure the database using Tattoo ID Enterprise's "wizard-like" screens. Then drag and drop the field(s) that you want to use on your database as text, bar codes or pictures.

Labeling software for every size business

From simple address labels to complex chemical labels requiring DOT, and OSHA hazardous materials labeling,, there is a version of Tattoo ID bar code and labeling software available to suit your labeling system need.

Small businesses requiring a few labels can benefit from My Tattoo ID , our most cost effective labeling system. Tattoo ID Business Edition is ideal for companies that design and print labels from a single PC or workstation. Enterprise labeling or multi-site design and printing is available in Tattoo ID Enterprise.

Full Support

The IMPACT Maintenance Plan is included with Tattoo ID Enterprise. IMPACT provides top priority access and unlimited technical support to its members, so they can avoid the cost and inconvenience of downtime.

Powerful. Intuitive. Easy to use. Cost effective. Fully supported. Tattoo ID. Now you'll not only make a great first impression, you'll make a great lasting impression

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