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Connectivity and Expandability

Cross platform bar coding and labeling
Connectivity and expandability are essential elements in all ISD products. Sharing information with distributed hosts and databases on an Internet or Intranet supported environment is a feature of all ISD solutions


Peripheral Independent

Print bar codes on any Windows printer
ISD's bar code and labeling solutions are peripheral independent.This gives us the option to use input and output technologies that are best suited for each client's application.



Bar Code Labeling Software

ISD bar coding and labeling software packages are currently used by over10,000 satisfied clients worldwide.

Tattoo ID and On-Tap bar code labeling software packages are simply the most powerful solutions available today. They make it easy to integrate bar code labeling into your business processes. They offer you the freedom to design and print bar codes and labels from Windows, UNIX or VMS and make use of information from your ERP system or database.

Tattoo ID Label Design SoftwareLabel Design Software

The Tattoo ID family of bar code labeling software packages let you print bar coded labels that meet any compliance labeling requirement, from simple shipping labels to complex OSHA and DOT chemical labeling or FDA pharmaceutical labeling. Bar coded labels for shipping, identification, tracking or any other application are easy to produce.

All Tattoo ID products have full featured intuitive label design and print capabilities. Combine bar codes and text with color and pictures to produce dynamic labels. Templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools allow you to get started quickly and become productive immediately.

No matter how simple or complex your bar code label requirements are, we have a Tattoo ID product for you.

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On-Tap Bar Code Printing SoftwareBar Coding Software

The On-Tap family of products allows you to include all of the most popular bar code symbologies in documents designed with any application software. Bar Code symbologies include:

  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • MSI
  • Codabar
  • UPC
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • EAN
  • Straight 2 of 5

    When using On-Tap you control bar code properties such as ratio, check digit, height, plot density, orientation and human readable characters.  Bar codes can be printed on any printer that is supported by your application software.

    The following On-Tap versions are available:

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