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What is Enterprise Labeling?

Today's companies must meet a multitude of regulations for product identification, packaging and shipping. Labeling standards set by the government, suppliers and customers must all be considered when labels are designed and produced.

Labeling solutions, ranging from systems designed in-house, integration of components into current applications, or the use of hybrid manual/electronic systems are all insufficient to meet complex labeling needs. Industry best practices for the successful implementation of a zero defect product identification and labeling compliance system show that the optimal solution is a turnkey system specifically designed for this application. Such a system must be compliant with regulatory (FDA, MDD, EMEA) requirements and specifications. This is the only approach that produces a reliable and guaranteed solution.

Enterprise Labeling can be implemented by an organization seamlessly and allows for connectivity to corporate databases.

Integrated Software Design offers several enterprise labeling solutions for label creation and bar code printing. The On-Tap family of products provides enterprise level bar code printing, and Tattoo Enterprise provides enterprise labeling.


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