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IMPACT Support Program


IMPACT is ISD's award winning total customer care program that assures 100% satisfaction. Its processes and procedures are based on the software industry's best practices in customer care, software support and feedback from our members.

IMPACT Programs

There are two IMPACT programs available:

  • IMPACT Ultimate Support
    My Tattoo ID and Tattoo ID Business clients can get direct access to expert technical support by purchasing IMPACT Ulitmate Support. Get peace of mind for a full year along with fast answers and how-to help directly from our support professionals.  The return on your investment of only a few dollars per day in the IMPACT program easily justifies your membership.

    More information on IMPACT Ultimate Support >

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  • IMPACT Support Website Membership
    Get access to the IMPACT member website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire year. Review frequently asked questions, tutorials, tech notes, search the knowledgebase, or email tech support experts.

IMPACT Ultimate support membership is included with all enterprise (annually licensed) software. It is optional, but highly recommended for products that are sold with perpetual licenses.
Table of Contents

Program Objectives

The goal of our technical support team is to help members achieve:

  • Easy software installation and configuration
  • Efficient label design
  • Scannable bar codes
  • Fastest time to production printing
  • 100% up time of mission critical applications

Impact Program Features

Both the IMPACT Web site Support Program and the IMPACTUltimate Support Program include:

  • Resolution of issues related to the use of ISD's bar code and labeling software in your environment through email.
  • Advice and instruction on using ISD's bar code and labeling software.
  • Label templates and design suggestions
  • News about industry trends and best practices.
  • Unlimited access to the IMPACT Members web site which features software downloads, manuals, tutorials, application related information, FAQ's, and a searchable knowledgebase.
  • Discounts on software, printers, scanners, supplies and training.
  • Information about new product upgrades.

In addition to the above services, the IMPACTUltimate Support Program includes:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Free product updates
  • A personal customer service representative who will keep in contact with you to assure that you are getting the most from your software.
  • Preferred pricing on software, printers, scanners, supplies and training.
  • Discounts on consulting, software development, programming services and on-site support

Hours and Response Times

Standard hours of operation for customer support are 8:00  AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time with the following response times:

  1. Best efforts response times are two hours prior to 3:00 PM EST (average response time is less than one hour).
  2. For logged requests after 3:00 PM EST, response is on the next business morning.
  3. ISD's Technical Support team follows up within 2 days after problem resolution to insure your satisfaction.

    Additional, 24/7 or other customized service programs are available upon request.

IMPACT Coverage

All enterprise software products are licensed annually, and include IMPACT. IMPACT may be purchased at an additional fee for all products  that have perpetual licenses.

Software Versions

Software updates are offered to IMPACT Ultimate Support members periodically. Software updates usually contain new drivers, bug fixes or minor enhancement to the software. A software update is not a full software package. Software updates can be downloaded, only if there is a prior version of the software installed on your computer and you are a member of the IMPACTUltimate Support Program. When a software update becomes available, members are notified by email.

Software upgrades are new software versions that are available for purchase. Software upgrades are often offered to IMPACT Ultimate Support members at a discount.

We recommend that all eligible clients participate in updates when they are available, and that everyone keep their software up-to-date. ISD reserves the right to discontinue support of old versions of software, or to charge an upgrade fee when software is more than two versions old. In general, software that is more than two versions old will not be supported.


IMPACT Renewal

IMPACT members are contacted for renewal in advance of their expiration date to prevent program or service disruption.

To receive support, your IMPACT membership must be current.

If a customer without IMPACT requires emergency support, ISD will provide such services on an hourly fee based on the current ISD rates. Such service is provided only to clients paying with a valid credit card. Minimum billable service time applies.


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