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Authorization and Re-Authorization

Authorizing your Software

ISD software packages must be registered and authorized before you can enjoy their full functionality.(Trial versions of ISD software do not require authorization).

To receive your authorization code, fill out the Registration and Authorization form. You will receive your authorization code via email within 24 hours.

For all enterprise products that are licensed annually, authorization is effective for one year starting at the purchase date, thereafter the software must be re-authorized annually.

It is only after software authorization, that the customer is the licensee of the licensed software. ISD administrators will only issue authorization codes for customers who have issued a valid purchase order to ISD or have paid for the product in full by check or credit card. Under no circumstances will a customer who has an evaluation copy of ISD software or a money back guarantee be issued an authorization code unless the above circumstances have occurred.

Re-Authorizing your Software

Each customer receives one authorization code per license. However, under certain circumstances such as a hard drive crash, the purchase of a new computer or the installation of a software upgrade, you may require a re-authorization code. 

To obtain a re-authorization code you must have a valid software license.  Licensed ISD software clients can re-authorize their software for free three times; however, they must abide by the following procedures:

  • Submit a completed re-authorization form with the make, model and serial number of the product for which the reauthorization code is being requested.

  • ISD will verify the customer's license status.

  • Software that is more than two (2) versions old cannot be re-authorized. It must be upgraded.

  • Customers exceeding three (3) authorizations within an annual term will be referred to the Director, Support Services for authorization approval.

  • All products must have an active license to receive re-authorization.

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