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My Tattoo® Features & Benefits

Desktop Publishing features

  • Improved user interface with selectable theme.
  • CMYK and RGB color selection.
  • Rotate label for easy design and editing.
  • Design custom reusable fields
  • Full-Page layout mode-see the entire page, not just one label.
  • Scratch area outside of page boundaries.
  • Toolbar for easy access to features.
  • Format Text Bar for quick changing of fonts, layers, text and bar code objects.
  • Rotation of any object at any angle.
  • Group objects for easy manipulation.
  • Undo, 1 - 100 levels.
  • Multi level zoom.
  • Layering with a master layer (Control which layers print).
  • Rulers with configurable units (Inches, Dec. Inches, Millimeters, Centimeters, Points, Twips, Picas).
  • Guides for easy object placement (100 in all).
  • Alignment and spacing tools for easy object layout.
  • Resize all objects on the screen or singularly, rectangular resize or proportionate resize.
  • Numerous text styles ( Normal, Expanded, Condensed, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout).
  • 40+ preferences to custom configure your work environment.

Security features

  • Configurable auto save to recover data if your system crashes
  • Passwords for editing or printing

Labeling features

  • Multiple labels on a page -- each label can contain different fields with different information.
  • Constant objects remain the same from one label to the next.
  • Serial numbers increment or decrement on every label, every other label, or every X number of labels.
  • Merge/Link Fields merge information from dBASE, Clipper, FoxPro, CSV Text or Windows CardFile databases and display the information on the label.
  • Prompt At Print-Time fields can have a new value every time the label is printed, or you may enter the number of times that you wish to use the same value for the field.
  • Tattoo ID supports 42 different date and time formats.
  • Includes over 1700 predefined label stock formats (3M, Brady, Avery, Compulabel, Eltron, EPC, Interstate, Kassoy, Maco, MASC, MEI, Nashua, NEBS, Seton, Silver Soft, United AD, Visible, Wieland, Z-Label and more).
  • Interactive Templates (The template prompts you for any required data. Create your own and specify which fields will prompt user).

Bar code features

  • Helpful bar code specifications and hints for each symbology.
  • Supports over 30 options including: Code 39, 128, 93 11, UPC, EAN, Bookland-EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, Codabar, POSTNET, FIM, PDF417 and Maxicode, DataMatrix and Aztec.
  • Specify the density of your bar codes in Dots, CPI, Mil, Percentage and Approximate Width.
  • Interactively resize your bar codes to fit the exact space available with no need to guess the appropriate density.

Graphic features

  • Import and export pictures from 28 different graphics formats and hundreds of variants, including: JPEG, Kodak Photo CD, Photoshop 3.0, TIFF, PNG CompuServe Graphic Format, PCX, GIF, Windows & OS/2 BMP, Windows Metafile, Postscript Raster (EPS), WPG, TARGA, MSP, Mac Paint, GEM, CALS, Sun Raster, CMP.

Printing features

  • Extensive error handling options are available to handle errors that may occur at print time: Clipped Fields, Invalid Pictures, Invalid Bar Codes, High Resolution Bar Codes (hard to read), Empty Fields, and Empty Labels. After printing, Tattoo ID provides a summary report indicating any errors that may have occurred.
  • Tattoo ID provides tracking of data printed on labels by allowing you to log the data to a file each time the label is printed.
  • Supports any Windows-compatible printer

Help and documentation

  • Redesigned, easy-to-use help screens.
  • On-line help with hints and tips for bar coding and label design.
  • Helpful label design wizards
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