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Bar coded labels in the life sciences Perkin Elmer and On-Tap: A Perfect Match

Perkin-Elmer/Nelson Systems develops and markets a highly regarded, VMS-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) to the scientific, medical and industrial sectors.

By choosing to incorporate On-Tap/VMS into their own package, Perkin-Elmer can offer their customers the capability of producing bar-coded labels in-house to add extra precision to the critical sample-tracking process. On-Tap also allows the end users to include a variety of different bar code symbologies on reports and other documents.

Product specialists at Perkin-Elmer were impressed that On-Tap/VMS supports all DEC printers, including printers that would not otherwise be able to print bar codes. On-Tap also provides full support for most other vendor's dot-matrix and laser printers, and since On-Tap is printer independent, end-users can change their printers without having to rewrite their application programs or call Perkin-Elmer for support! To top it all off, Perkin-Elmer's programmers found that integrating On-Tap/VMS into their own VMS-based product was an almost embarrassingly simple task.

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