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My Tattoo ID Makes Bar Code and Compliance Labeling Affordable to Small Business

Integrated Software Design announces the release of My Tattoo ID an affordable solution for small businesses seeking to design and print labels, signs and forms with bar codes on demand. My Tattoo ID allows users to design professional labels with color, text, pictures, shapes and UPC, EAN, Code 39 or Postnet bar codes. It is simple to use and includes many features previously found in only the most expensive software packages.

Superior features

My Tattoo ID gives users the ability to include constant data, serial numbers, dynamic data from text files, date and time or enter dynamic information from the keyboard at print time. In addition, it lets users link multiple fields on the label and have them print as one. My Tattoo ID users can also rotate bar codes, pictures and text to virtually any angle.

Unlike other bar code and labeling software that only displays one label at a time and require that all labels on a page be the same, My Tattoo displays multiple labels of different types on the same page. It also lets users save information in a scratch area off of the label.

A great value

My Tattoo ID saves time by letting users save constant information and simply fill in variable information at print time. It saves money by assuring that companies meet all internal and external bar code and labeling requirements 100% of the time.

Phyllis Zaiger, V.P., states: “Our clients have been asking for a low cost bar code and labeling software package that does not compromise features and quality for a long time. My Tattoo is a tremendous value."

Integrated Software Design, Inc.

Integrated Software Design (ISD) is the leading provider of on-demand bar code and enterprise labeling software solutions. ISD has been providing bar code and labeling solutions since 1982 to companies in the manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail, education, financial, health care and electronics industries. ISD’s offerings include award winning off-the-shelf software products and professional services incorporating customized software design, development and system integration.

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